Psalm 53

A Basic Outline
The conviction & corruption of the fool, 1
…the fool has said..”There is no God”
…they are corrupt..have done..iniquity
God’s global inquiry, 2
…from heaven upon the children of men
…to see if..any who understand, who seek
Conclusion of inquiry, 3
…every one.. has turned aside
…they have together become corrupt
…none who does good..not one.
D questions insight of the victorious fool, 4
…have workers of iniquity no knowledge..?
…who eat up my people = temp. victory
…and do not call upon God
D reveals future downfall of the fool, 5
…there they are in..fear = future trouble
…for God has scattered.. = God’s deliverance
…you have put them.. = victory of righteous
…because God has.. = source of r’s victory
Prayer for deliverance, 6a
…Oh, that the salvation of Is. would come…
Call to praise, 6b
…when God brings back.. = occasion
…let Jacob rejoice

What sticks out?
The temporary victory of the worker of iniquity, “You’re winning… but it won’t last.” I’m frustrated by bad people getting away with bad things. David acknowledges the situation. He looks on their victory and it sounds like he is astounded… not that they have a measure of victory but that they have no knowledge. It’s like he’s saying, “Have you lost your mind?”
What difference does this make?
David was certain that God was aware of the fool, his conviction and his corruption. David was also certain that God would scatter. I need to trust that the Lord is aware and will certainly deal with the workers of iniquity. Now is not the time for for fear and panic. Now is the time for prayer. Now is the time to get ready to praise! God will win!

What sticks out?
The psalm moves from the broad category of the fool to a broader category, the children of men, i.e., mankind. After verse one it’s easy to be prideful and look down at the fool. By the end of verse three I’m reminded that I have the same corruption. “There is none who does good.” Perhaps one man does “good” in comparison to another man. In comparison to God’s standard we all have the same problem. We all fall short of the glory of God.
What difference does this make?
I’m reminded of Jesus’ words in John 15, “…apart from Me you can do nothing.” Apart from Christ my behavior is corrupt, less than God’s standard of holiness. But if I will abide then I will bear much fruit. He can live through me. Every selfless act done out of love for the Lord has the life of Christ in it, His fingerprints all over it. The beauty of these deeds isn’t that I’m doing well, it’s that He is present and doing… in me. Amazing. What a privilege.
Come and have Your way Lord Jesus.