Psalm 50

A Basic Outline
God Instructs and Rebukes Israel
God’s call, 1
…the Mighty One, God the Lord = who
…has spoken and called the earth = what
…from going… = scope
The Description of God’s arrival, 2-5
…out of Zion, the perfection… = where
…God will shine.. shall come.. = what
…a fire shall devour before Him… = how
…call (to) judge His people = purpose
…”Gather My saints…” = instructions at arrival
The proper response to God’s arrival, 6
…let the heavens declare… = what
…for God Himself is Judge. = why
God’ word to His saints, 7-23
.God’s correction & encouragement, 7-15
..An introduction to God’s correction, 7
….my people…O Israel = audience
….I will speak…testify against = action
….I am God,your God = identity & relationship
..Not a correction of external behavior
….I will not rebuke
….your sacrifices…are continually before Me
..Not here to take from you
….I will not take a bull…nor goat
….for I own every beast…and the cattle
….I know all the birds…wild beasts…are Mine
..Not here to be sustained by you
….will I eat the flesh…drink the blood
..Here to cultivate thanksgiving & integrity
….offer to God thanksgiving…pay vows
..Here to cultivate your faith & praise
….call upon Me in the day of trouble
….I will deliver…you shall glorify Me.
.God’s stern warning, 16-23
..wicked’s right to even speak My standards
….What declare..or take.?
….implied answer: no right
..the wicked’s behavior exposed
….you hate instruction/cast My words behind
….you saw a thief..consented with him
….have been a partaker with adulterers
….you give your mouth to evil…deceit
….you speak against..slander
..God’s response
….I have kept silent
….but I will rebuke you/set them in order
..God’s warning
….consider this..lest I tear you..none to deliver
..God’s encouragement
….whoever offers praise glorifies Me
….to him who orders His conduct aright
….I will show the salvation

What sticks out?
V2-5 describe an arrival that sounds future and final. But in v15 the advice is to pray when we need God’s deliverance. In v22 that the wicked are still present and able to make a change in their behavior toward the Lord. The advice in 7-23 must be prior to the millennial kingdom or the new heavens and new earth. This advice from the Lord must happen during a time when things can still go terribly wrong. V7-23 must be advice for this age. Sounds like the Psalmist is picturing God’s interaction with His covenant people as Constable suggests.
Where does this make a difference?
One way or another I’m reminded that God is the Judge and I’m accountable to Him. That motivates me today. I want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

What sticks out?
V7-8 walk through the fact that external acts of worship (sacrifices) are fine. But God’s people aren’t clear on the motives in their sacrifices. God doesn’t need to be enriched or fed. He is looking for gratitude, integrity, faith and praise.
Where does this make a difference?
This section challenges me to examine my own heart in worship. Does God need my money or my support? Is my heart expressing gratitude or begrudged obligation. Is my heart being true to what My lips have vowed? Am I doing what I said I would do? Am I seeking to deliver myself or seeking You as my Deliverer? Am I exalting You… or me?

What sticks out?
Having exposed the behavior of the wicked, God warns them away from destruction and encourages them toward safety.
Where does this make a difference?
Your character is wholly different than what comes naturally from my flesh. You are so patient and merciful and kind. May I not only be a man of gratitude, integrity, faith, and praise before You, may I be patient, merciful, and kind toward all around me. May I follow Your example. You are beautiful. Your paths are magnificent!