Psalm 52

A Basic Outline
Context: “..when Doeg the Edomite went..”
Subject: Mighty’s boast & God’s goodness, 1
…why do you boast..? = rhetorical question
(why boast..since goodness of God endures?)
…the goodness of God endures..
Description of Doeg’s evil boast, 2-4
…your tongue devises destruction
…like a razor
…working deceitfully
…you love evil more than good
…you love lying rather than speaking r.
…you love all devouring words you deceitful t.
Description of God’s good response, 5
…God shall likewise destroy you
…He shall take you away
…pluck you out
…uproot you
Description of righteous’ response, 6-9
…shall see and fear…shall laugh..saying..
…”here..who did not make God his strength..”
…”but trusted in…riches..wickedness”
…but I am like a green olive tree..
…I trust in the mercy
…I will praise You because
…I will wait on Your name

What sticks out?
The contrast between Doeg’s end and David’s end. Doeg trusted in his own riches and in wickedness. David made God his trust. Specifically, he trusted in God’s mercy.
What difference does this make?
Will I follow in the steps of Doeg to take care of myself? He lied in order to advance himself. Or, will I trust the Lord instead? If a lie is required then it can’t be what’s best for me. If a lie is required then it’s gonna come back to haunt me. Better to momentarily suffer in righteousness than to invite certain destruction by lying.

What sticks out?
“I will praise You forever, because you have done it.” Done what? Been merciful? Made me like a green tree? Plucked out the one who strengthened himself in his wickedness? All of the above are in the immediately preceding context.
What difference does this make?
I’m reminded to survey my circumstances and credit You with the answered prayers… the “green-ness” of my life… the fall of the wicked. How many wicked rulers have You cast down just in my lifetime?