Psalm 49

A Basic Outline
An invitation to listen, 1-4
…what? hear.. give ear
…who? all people, inhabitants, etc.
…to what? wisdom..understanding..proverb

Rhetorical question: fear in days of evil? 5

The foolish rich man should fear death, 6-13
.Rich can’t keep a brother from dying, 6-7,9
.Reason: redemption too costly, 8
.Proof: Death inevitably comes to all, 10
.It’s foolishness to think we’ll not die, 11-13

God’s people shouldn’t fear death, 14-15
.Foolish will die..Upright will have dominion
.God will redeem.. He shall receive me

Don’t fear the foolish rich, 16
.do not be afraid when…

The reason to not fear, 17-19
.he shall carry nothing away
.his glory shall not descend after him
.tho’ he blesses self..he shall..never see light

Conclusion: The foolish is like the beast, 20

What sticks out?
“God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave” OT revelation of future resurrection.
Where does this make a difference?
This changes everything. This resets the playing field… It tells me that I am ultimately safe. The foolish rich man thinks that he is safe because of his wealth. I am reminded that I am ultimately safe because of God’s power over the grave. “O, Death where is your sting?” I Corinthians 15:55.
Man’s greatest problem is resolved by God in Christ… so what should I freak out about today? I don’t have to worry about myself now… perhaps I have room now to worry about my neighbor? hmmmm!