Psalm 48

A Basic Outline
A declaration of God’s greatness and the necessity of His praise in Jerusalem, 1
…Great is the Lord
…greatly to be praise
…in the city of our God – where
…in His holy mountain – where
A description of God’s city, 2-3
…beautiful..the joy of the whole earth
…is Mount Zion..the city of the great King
…God is in her palaces
…He is know as her refuge
The evidence Jerusalem is God’s city, 4-6
…the kings assembled..they passed by
…they saw it..they marveled
…they were troubled..they hastened away
…fear took hold of them…as of a woman
Confidence of Jerusalem’s future, 7-8
…as when You break..with an east wind
…as we have heard, so we have seen
…in the city..God will establish it forever
Praise, 9-10
…we have thought..on Your lovingkindness
…accd’g to Your is Your praise
…Your hand is full of righteousness
A call to praise, 11
…let Mt Zion rejoice
…let the daughters of Judah be glad
…because of Your judgements (reason)
A call to record God’s blessing, 12-13
…walk about, go all around…count
…mark well..consider..that you may tell it
The reason, 14
…for this is our God..forever and ever
…He will be our guide even to death

What sticks out?
“Your hand is full of righteousness..”
What difference does this make?
There are places where I pray “why!?” out of frustration. I think that this reminder that Your hand in full of righteousness helps me swallow those things I don’t understand. The reminder helps calm my frustration.
“Why trials? Why struggles?” Whatever the reasons for trials and struggles, I can be comforted about who You are in the midst of this storm.

What sticks out?
The choice of Jerusalem. God could’ve chosen a higher mountain or a more lush, tropical environment. Instead a city in a semi arid climate on something closer to a hill when compared to large mountains.
The thing that makes Jerusalem so beautiful is God’s choice of her and His presence in her.
Where does this make a difference?
Now You’ve chosen to make Your dwelling in our hearts… Christ in me. Will I evaluate myself and my beauty based on physical characteristics or upon the indwelling of the Almighty God. Aren’t we all merely vessels of clay? How easy it is to compare ourselves and get our value from some superficial standard. How much more significant to evaluate oneself in light of Who has chosen us and chosen to dwell in us.
May I enjoy what is truly significant about this earthly tent…You.

What sticks out?
“Walk about Zion…count… Mark well…consider…”
What difference does this make?
The psalmist is inviting his readers to walk their city and count their blessings… The purpose in counting is to recount to the future generations. Those towers, bulwarks and palaces are not God. They are evidence of His character and provision. You have provided, protected… You have made of safe. The evidence of Your and Your work is before my eyes.
The place where I live. The food on my table. The condition of the area where I reside… Will I credit God for these things. We say, “one nation under God.” Will I credit Him with this nation’s blessed condition? Thank You Father… To say You deserve praise is an understatement to say the least.