Psalm 46

A Basic Outline
A description of God, 1
…our refuge and strength
…a very present help in trouble.
A decision about fear, 2-3
…therefore (in light of that description of God) = basis for decision
…we will not fear = decision
…even though..mountains..waters..mountains = depth of conviction of the decision
An illustration about God’s help, 4-5
…there is a river
…the holy place of the tabernacle
…God is in the midst of her
…God shall help her
A picture of His strength, 6
…the nations raged..kingdoms were moved.
…He uttered..the earth melted.
A declaration of His involvement, 7
…the Lord of hosts is with us
…the God of Jacob is our refuge
A command: consider God’s handiwork, 8-9
.the 2-sided command
…come, behold the works of the Lord
.the handiwork
…who has made desolations
…he makes wars to cease
…he breaks the bow and cuts the spear
…he burns the chariot
A command: trust Me to win, 10
.the 2-sided command
…be still, and know that I am God
.to know what about God exactly?
…I will be exalted among the nations
…I will be exalted in the earth
A declaration, 11
…the Lord of hosts is with us;
…the God of Jacob is our refuge.

What sticks out?
The basis for the decision to not fear is God and His ways/commitments with us. The basis of the decision is not my strength, my bank account, my connections or alliances.
What difference does this make?
A fresh reminder for my approach to this day… confidence, well founded confidence. “I am your help. I’m gonna give you strength. I’m here with you Robert. I’m here to help you. You can be fearless today… because of Me.”
I want to follow in these footsteps of the Sons of Korah.

What sticks out?
Verses 4-5. The Psalmist switches & starts writing about a river that makes Jerusalem glad. While there is a small spring in Jerusalem there is no river. What is the psalmist doing?
The next line focuses our attention on the holy place of God’s tabernacle. Is the psalmist using the picture of a river to represent God?
The next line puts God in the midst of the city. The final line promises His timely help.
The writer is using parallelism to unfold the significance of the river. God is that river. God is my river.
What difference does this make?
I can answer my fears with a message of hope. You are here… I will never leave you nor forsake you… God is at work in your heart…
God will cause all things to work together for good… Do not worry about what you will say…

What sticks out?
Verse 6 paints a picture of a one nation raging against another. The result is the movement of kingdoms…one spreads and another leaves. This is a picture from real life, even today. This is a picture of danger – political danger. In verses 2-3 the danger is physical. In verse 6 the danger is political.
But the power of a nation raging is trivial compared to God merely uttering or giving voice to His thoughts. He speaks and the whole earth melts.
What difference does this make?
This is abundant hope. There is unimaginable hope because of His strength which goes beyond comprehension. We rightly fear the power of a nuclear bomb. Your power is such that a nuclear bomb is a firecracker.
There is nothing I face in this life that You can’t handle with one spoken word.

What sticks out?
Verse 7 continues to reveal something about who God is but also adds His involvement in our lives. In 6 we glimpse incredible power. Now the Psalmist reminds/reveals that He is the Lord of Hosts, i.e., the ruler over His angelic armies.
The God of Jacob calls to mind all of His involvement in the establishment of the nation of Israel. I’m reminded of Your faithfulness to Your promise to Abraham. The promise fulfilled during Jacob’s life through Joseph.
What difference does this make?
The One who commands angelic forces is with me…He will never leave or forsake me. The faithful promise Keeper is my refuge. While I don’t know the answer or resolution of many things surrounding me. I have great reason to hope, to ease away from my panic.

What sticks out?
Come and see… Be still and know… “Take the time to think on the things that I’ve done already. Now relax your grip and stand on the fact that I’m in charge and I will win.”
Where does this make a difference?
As I follow through on these commands I find my self remembering things from Scripture (how You parted the seas to deliver Your people and to destroy Pharaoh’s army…) and things from my life (how You intervened to guide my family and bless them).
It helps today for me to remember what You did yesterday. May I relax my grip appropriately because of who You are and because of Your future victory.
Come Lord Jesus, come!