Psalm 45

A Basic Outline
Context of the composition, 1
…my heart is overflowing (source)
…I recite my composition (originally spoken?)
…concerning the king (main subject)
…my tongue..the pen of a ready writer (attitude)
Body of the composition, 2-17
.reason for God’s blessing on the king, 2
…You are fairer.. grace..upon Your lips
…therefore God has blessed
.request to respond to God’s blessing, 3-4
…gird Your sword..
…and in Your majesty ride..
…and Your right hand shall teach You..
.a description of You, 5-7
…Your arrows are sharp..
…Your throne, O God, is forever
…a scepter of righteousness..
.reason for God’s blessing, 8
…You love righteousness..therefore God has..
.a description of God’s blessing
…Your garments are scented…out of the ivory palaces..
…king’s daughters are among…at your right hand stands the queen
.advice to Your queen, 10-
…listen..consider..incline your ear
…forget your own the King will
…because He is your Lord, worship
.result of queen’s devotion, 12-
…the daughter of Tyre will
…the rich among the people will
.a description of the queen, 13-
…the royal daughter is
…her clothing is
…she shall be brought…
…the virgins..shall be brought
…they shall enter..
.a description of Your court, 16
…instead of Your fathers shall be..
…whom You shall make princes..
.a pronouncement of blessing, 17
…I will make Your name..
…therefore the people shall praise..

What sticks out?
“Listen, O daughter…forget your own people..” The context demonstrates that this is advice to the bride of the anointed King, the Messiah. Thus, this is advice to the church, to me.
This advice is to be singleminded.
Where does this make a difference?
Am I singleminded? I need to forget myself. I need to forget the approval of men. I want to be found thinking this way… One reason to think this way is because You are the King, 11b. Another reason to think this way is because I will be very pleasing and desirable to You, 11a. Another reason to think this way is because this thinking will lead to blessing, 12.
This is how Paul thinks in Phil. 3:7-8. It’s all about You Jesus.

What sticks out?
“You are fairer…” What makes the King fairer? “Grace is poured upon Your lips…ride prosperously because of truth, humility, and righteousness.” There’s nothing here about physical appearance or strength…two of the ways we judge the value of ourselves and others. What’s here are words that describe character and the ways of the King.
What difference does that make?
What’s attractive to God? Grace in my words. Truth, humility, and righteousness. May I be available to You Lord Jesus for these things to be borne in my heart and in my life. May I handle things in a way that prioritizes Your priorities.